Professional Answering Services For Every Industry

Excel Telemessaging has partnered with many different businesses in many different industries across the country.  We pride ourselves upon having the knowledge and expertise to provide outstanding service to any company or business, no matter what industry they may be in.  Some of the industries we work most often with are:

Apartment Communities

People looking to rent your apartments could call at any time of day. Your current tenants also might call any time of day with important information. Excel understands how important it is to have every call answered no matter when it comes in. Let us give your Apartment Community the ability to professionally answer any call 24 hours a day.


Whether you are a private practice, hospital, home health care provider, or Durable Medical equipment company, Excel understands the demands of the healthcare market. We are HIPAA compliant, keep all of our data secure and have the ability to send encrypted messages to any smartphone device.


Whether you are a large or small real estate company, Excel has the ability to help your business. Excel has appointment scheduling that is easy to use, a voice mail service that is programmable to fit your needs, and more services that will assist your business.

Property Management

Property Management is a hectic business, customers are bound to call at all times of the day. Our traditional answering service and voicemail service will provide them with the professional courtesy 24 hours a day seven days a week.


Superior customer service is necessary in the hospitality industry and Excel’s many services will provide just that.  Services from appointment scheduling, voicemail, and customer surveys will provide the professional and hassle-free customer service that will keep your customers coming back.

Emergency Restoration

Excel understands that timing is critical in emergency restoration. In the past, we have worked connected individuals with the nearest available representative in a timely manner using our Locator – Referral Service.


Excel can help Contractors by acting as a receptionist between you and your staff. Our services are designed to help you focus on what matters most, the customer.


Excel’s many services have allowed attorneys from small and large firms to keep their data secure and their customers satisfied.  Our services connect customers to attorneys 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Small Businesses

Small businesses need to have excellent customer service and Excel can work with companies that have 25 employees and businesses that are owned and operated by one sole individual to provide this customer service. Excel provides a wide range of services from appointment setting, virtual receptionist, order taking, and voicemail that will assist your business.

Service Professionals

Service professionals serve a wide array of customers and their varying needs. However, professional customer service is a required for any industry. Excel is well equipped to assist any business from plumbing business to an HVAC company.