Return Policy
Excel Telemessaging provides No Returns as it is a service we are providing. Our service agreement is for the initial term of ninety (90) days, and renews month to month thereafter, which gives you the ability to terminate your service in any month after the first (90) days.

Delivery Timeframe
We require 1st & final month’s base rate to commence service here at Excel Telemessaging. Once that is received your services will be provided. A specific start date is usually mutually agreed upon and as long as payment is received services will commence as scheduled.

At Excel Telemessaging we strive to provide you with the best answering services available at a great price. We are committed to providing you with the exact services your business needs most. Please let us know if you ever have questions or concerns so we can make sure you are completely satisfied. Thank you for choosing Excel Telemessaging!